I Care for Health

We have been working to break the cycle of malnutrition by supporting and educating vulnerable communities in Zinacantepec, Toluca and Piedra Larga & Huixquilucan. Our Projects:

#Care for Everyone:

We have been supporting more than 200 families with regular supply of, despensas, hygiene kits and portable water with the support of valuable partners like Banco de Alimentos.

#Desayuno Saludable:

We are providing healthy breakfast supplies to including milk, avena and fruits for more than 100 kids.

#Care for Wellness:

We organize different medical camps, like dental care and vision checking camps for both communities.

I Care for Education

At I Care, we know the importance of learning and that's why we remain committed to education. I Care Foundation has positively impacted lives of more than 100 children so far through various initiatives in less than 3 years. We are committed to a multi-fold increase in this number in the coming years.

#Back to School:

Every year, with the help of local parents groups and our contributors, delivered backpacks with basic school supplies to each child as they returned to school. This creates a community where students feel nurtured, happy and engaged.

#Care for Learning:

English classes have been designed to be given virtually to give both the students and the volunteer teachers full safety.
The classes are given twice a week for 8 weeks, at the end of which the students are evaluated as to “pass” each course.

#Kids Care for Kids:

A unique initiative where young kids shared their talent by creating small videos and sharing with the vulnerable children!

I Care for Sustainability

We seek to provide a clean and comfortable environment and greater awareness of fresh, nutritious and organic food. We believe that if we take the control of our food supply, we can eliminate the worry of residual chemicals in our food. Plus, "planting your own food is like growing your own money."

#Huerto en Casa:

Majority of the people in these communities have already lost their source of income due to pandemic. We at I Care are dedicated to offer hope to brighter future through respect, responsibility and results. We are supporting these people, By teaching them how to plant, grow and harvest healthy organic food and create a source of income as well.

#Care for Water:

More than 10 million Mexican don’t have excess to water service. In Mexico City alone, at least 250,000 people live without the connection to the water network and million more have an intermittent water service or receive contaminated water. This is the reason we decided to look for a sustainable solution: rainwater harvesting systems.

#Care for 3R:

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

We at I Care encourage people to reuse, recycle and reduce the waste with our different programs.