Volunteer to teach English as a Second Language!

To enhance the skillsets of youth and adults in the communities, we have initiated an online program to introduce them to Basic English 1 and Basic English 2 run for 8 weeks each with a 1-2 week break in between. We are looking for committed bilingual teachers who can virtually managing 10 to 13 students during the course.

Volunteer to deliver food supplies and donations!

Our communities in Raíces, Zinacantepec, and Piedra Larga, Huixquilucan, suffer from a lack of availability of basic necessities. We make these deliveries to them on a consistent basis, going to them once every two weeks. Seasonally, we also deliver items such as blankets to help them during the cold winter months. We are looking for volunteers to help us with these deliveries.

Volunteer to help us build greenhouses for our communities!

We are building individual greenhouses for the families in the communities and are teaching them how to efficiently operate them to produce their own organic food. We will begin the installing process and to do so, we require your help! Volunteer for one weekend to help us install and initiate the greenhouses to change their lives!

Volunteer to create and sell products with cause!

We have developed I Care branded products, such as COVID-19 facemasks to sell to our donors, new individuals who are interested in supporting the cause, and anyone else who likes our products. We ask you to come up with new ideas of I Care branded products that we can create, produce, market, and sell to raise funds for our various programs.

Volunteer to educate the underprivileged on basic essentials!

As everyone needs to be aware of the importance of simple lifestyle choices, but those who are less privileged have often not been guided in the right direction. Volunteer with us to teach them about various simple topics, such as the importance of completing your education, the value of basic daily hygiene, financial planning, the importance of environmental preservation, and more! Plan workshops to deliver this knowledge to the community members.

Volunteer to create new fundraising ideas for I Care Foundation!

Use your innovation to come up with new ideas and ways in which we can fundraise for I Care Foundation. Whether it is through an event, new products or services, donor requests, or anything else you come up with, we are open to it!
Share your ideas with us and if we approve them, you can be the lead in this creative idea and get fantastic experience in project management for philanthropic fundraising.

Become a Volunteer

To volunteer, please fill up the form through this link and
we will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact us by email if you have any concerns